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We are a new specialist digital agency for web design, web renovation, SEO ranking page one Google, digital marketing & social media marketing in Parramatta & the Sydney West.  We are also a small business marketing consultant for the physical as well as the digital world.

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Our Business Services

Not many people understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Quite simply,  there are related keywords and keyphrases for your industry/business in Google’s database.  They are what people type in to Google to FIND YOU.  SEO specialists know which keywords and keyphrases should be in your website, where and how often they should be used.


What Are Your Results for Good SEO Services?

SEO done well by an expert means that people searching for products like yours and services like yours find you first in their search results, at the top of the page, on Google.

Customers.  Sales.  Money.  Repeat business.

Ongoing business.  Sustainable business. 

Did we say money?

Oh yeah.  Money.  Sales.  Revenue.  Profit.  SEO is GOLD!

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

We research competitors, research your industry with keyword research, write copy, create articles, devise ranking structures for your website, list you with key industry directories for backlinks.  All you need to rank high on Google.

Content & Business Writing

As we work with you and get to know your business, products, services & customers we write meaningful and engaging copy for your website; answering questions and solving the problems of your customers.  Your website generates leads and converts to sales.

On and Off Page Optimisation

We use all the SEO resources available to us on your website and links from other websites and directories to maintain or enhance your Google rankings.  In a nutshell, this is what on and off page optimisation is all about.

Marketing Consulting

With 21 years of marketing experience in private, public and government sectors we can devise digital marketing plans and business marketing plans for you to develop branding, increase outreach, generate leads and convert to sales.

Data Analysis

Using Google Analytics we evaluate data gathered over a minimum period of three months on your website and continue to innovate, improve and develop your site, using ongoing testing & measuring.

Website Design & Renovation

We modernise your website with a new look, new functionality, ease of use, good content writing, functional aspects such as optimised mobile pages and landing page.  We add Google Maps to locate you, clickable phone numbers & emails so customers don’t have to copy & paste, etc.

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We Know How To Get The Best Results For You

We have ranked many businesses page 1 of Google.  Sometimes Rank 1, page 1 of Google.  We have come to know what works & what doesn’t through testing & measuring.

We have our tricks of the trade as well as trialled and true, proven and tested methods of ranking.

We are specialists at SEO, search engine optimisation, and all things SEO.  Let’s face it, the most important thing for your website is to rank.  88{c72fc60ac356306a3957f596036e82cd81fd42873f3535a7a370832a22b3c102} of people choose the website returned in search results on page 1 of Google.

It’s simple.   Ranking on Google means ongoing business and you winning customers and making money.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a web renovation?

We redesign your website with a fresh new look and, most importantly, we create SEO content written to rank you the highest possible on Google.  This may also involve moving your website to another hosting company.

How much will a website cost?

We meet with you first to work out what you need, assess your business and get to know you, your customers and your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions or Unique Selling Points)  so we can work out how to further grow your business.  We then quote to your budget and your needs.  We can build in stages as well, with milestone checkpoints and instalment payments until project completion.  We offer flexibility with payment schemes where needed.  We have off-the-shelf packages available as well.

How long will it take to design a website and build it?

One of the most important components of web design is content from our client.  As long as you can supply quality images of your business, products, team, etc, and can provide content already written for us to rewrite in to the website, a new build or website renovation will general take from two (2)  weeks for a small build to around a four (4)  to six (6) weeks for a large website build.  It depends on the complexity of the website created or renovated.  We will negotiate the timeline at the time of quote and notify quickly if we feel the timeline will need recalibrating, with your approval.

If I move web hosters will I lose my email and data from my website?

Many small businesses have been ‘burned’ by individuals or businesses calling themselves “web developers“.  I don’t know how many times we have heard of web companies not properly managing a web hosting changeover.  We ENSURE that everything is backed up and support you in every step of the process to avoid any data loss of crucial business data.

How do I know you are just not like the rest of companies who promise the world and never deliver?

We are incredibly accountable.  We share stages of the build with Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, so you can see and have access to the work we are doing.  We will show you progress of website builds for input, etc, in screen captures and browser previews.  We will not go ahead without approval at each milestone of your project, large or small.  You sign off at each stage.   We embed Google Analytics in websites we work on as well so traffic data begins to be accumulated immediately for analysis, testing and measure in the near and far future of the life of your website.

How will I know if Google Analytics, all the SEO and marketing works?

We monitor your site, provide reports and statistics as we perform ongoing SEO each month (at fixed cost per month) to maintain and improve your website ranking.  We feedback everything we find and work with you closely as we improve and maintain your web rankings.  Any useful data for marketing purposes, email and social media campaigns is also shared as a value-add.  We work transparently.  No smoke and mirrors.

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