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We live and breathe creative solutions with practical applications in web design, graphic design, SEO services, content writing, marketing & advertising, professional photography.  Everything internet related and digitally creative.

We love it a lot.  Here is what we do.

A Unique Agency To Rank You Page 1 of Google

We design websites.  And we renovate them.

We do extensive keyword research and competitor research on the internet to provide best SEO services.

We take beautiful and engaging photos, either of you, your team, your store, your site, your products.

We create social media campaigns and email campaigns, either from existing data or new data, or both.

We design business cards, brochures, logos for you, integrating these assetes with your business identity, your branding, and honing its clear signal to market.

We help you refine your USPs (Unique Selling Points) and your branding.  We consult with you to support you in growing your business online.

Sometimes we help you out in the physical world as well, in your bricks and mortar business via business consultancy.

Well, actually, we help everywhere, because customers who find you on the internet end up interacting with you in the real world anyway.

Working with us results in the phone ringing, emails arriving, customers visiting, customers buying.  Over and over again.

How To Target All The Right Customers Repeatedly

As you grow and invest in your website, your online presence, Google is watching.  As a result of excellent SEO your website rankings lift and rise.  That is ranking not paid for, but earned, through diligence, testing and measuring, changes over time.

Once ranked, your website turns in to a magnetic honeypot matching people searching on Google for products or services exactly like yours.  Matching customers with you.  With your website.  With your business.  Through Google, they find you.  And it is a match made in Heaven.  Your website begins to convert, from enquiries to followers, customers, to orders, to spending, to interest, to sharing, to loyalty.  With you.  To you.


How We Use Google Analytics And Data To Win You Success

Every month we perform ongoing SEO based on your Google Analytics, data from surveys and email campaigns we run.  Data from Facebook Pixel, trends and patterns we perceive and feedback to you.

We take advantage of every piece of information possible to constantly improve your website SEO ranking, content, and online presence using Social Media to build social trust, the goodwill of the online world.

Our Team

A Web Developer and A Photographer:

Sydney Web Designing

(We also have relationships with larger Social Marketing companies, programmers, developers, designers who we colloborate with from time to time when workload is higher)

Yen Wynddancer

Yen Wynddancer

Creative Director & Designer

With 22 years of business experience in the public, private and government sectors, Yen has been involved with web design, marketing, adveritising and social media for a long time.  He is also a graphic designer, musician and composer.   The two worlds of the practical and creative meet in every successful website he builds, every marketing strategy he devises, every service he provides, every product he creates.

Check out Yen’s website here

Rawad Shararah

Rawad Shararah

Professional Photographer

Rawad is a professional photographer specialising in portrait, landscape and business (including product) photography.  He is also a professional photographer for real estates locally.  His work is particularly beautiful, engaging and compelling.

Check out Rawad’s website here

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Have a look at Rawad’s ViewBug profile here (he is award winning).


Yen is so multitalented!  What a gift meeting him! He has so many strengths and skills that this review would be too lengthy if I was to attempt listing them.  In addition to his impressive skill set, Yen is a truly kind, patient, thoughtful, lovely person and I am privileged to have met him.  Do yourself a favour and hire him immediately!  Looking forward to working together and soon.  Warmest regards, Natalie


Professional SEO Content Writer, My Content Marketer

“I was at a cross-roads with my business.  I met Yen through a mutual associate. Realising his level and depth of skills I chose to trust him to support me rebranding my business, to grow bigger and to build me my first website.  It is now nearly 3 years down the track and I now Rank #1 for nearly every keyword on my wishlist, and we discover more each and every month. I continue to win great clients across all of my service areas and most importantly the RIGHT clients who are focussed on ongoing business alliances and partnerships, where we grow together.  We are even now expanding further in to the renovation market for bathrooms, kitchens and full house remodels. I have been working closely with Yen developing a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan to renovate my website and launch these new areas across social media and other key digital marketing areas including Google My Business.  Coming very soon. Choose Yen. You can’t go wrong.”


CEO, Westpoint Building Services Pty Ltd

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