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A Complete Digital Marketing Solution For Your Business

A comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan with a Digital Marketing Strategy to have clear, measureable goals and outcomes will place your business at the top of the tier of your local market niche.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Plan must have measureable goals and milestones, so there is a map to follow, KPIs to meet and goals to reach, whatever those outcomes may be.  Some examples would be an increased mailing list database, 5000 more followers on Facebook or Instagram, raising awareness of a service, a call to action to sell a particular product, etc.

Branding and SEO Content Across All Media

Any content written for the Digital Marketing Strategy needs to have semantic keywords and phrases embedded in the copyrighting to ensure that Google is indexing and relating your whole business brand to your website and your online presence.

Internet Research Across All Platforms & Media

A large part of your plan, before execution, is market research, trends that may be present to take advantage of, or the awareness of others that we should avoid, etc.

We would look at all platforms relevant to the Digital Marketing Plan and their content in your market niche and use this data to feed in to our creative campaigns across the board.

Building A Digital Marketing Plan

Once you have set measurable goals and decided on a timeframe to achieve them, the whole project needs to be broken down in to milestones, tasks, KPIs, etc.

Then the Digital Marketing Plan should have an Executive Summary as a Vision of the Plan and a comprehensive documented process so we know what we need to do, when we need to do it and what we should be achieving as we do it (measuring success).

Test & Measure, Data Analysis

As we reach each milestone in the Marketing Plan Project we use data collected along the way, our own observations, and feed all of this information in to an analysis of current success.

Where we get to at this stage and what we achieve will determine whether we continue to follow the Digital Marketing Plan or need to change it in some way (calibrate it) to ensure success.

Ongoing Continuous Improvement Through Data Feedback

Throughout the entire execution of the Digital Marketing Plan we need to be critical and attentive to how we are performing against our KPIs and goals.

All the data we collect, analyse and feedback in to the Digital Marketing Plan to improve it should result in a continuous improvement cycle, moving us ever closer to achieving the actual goals sets out in the Plan as we grow your business together online.

Digital Marketing Plan

There are four main marketing components for a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan for your small and medium business to advertise and win market share locally online.

Focus and development in every area will ensure brand consistency, a clear marketing signal across all digital media and build awareness of your business, services, products, team, and most importantly, social trust, from which flows Good Will, one of the most underestimated cornerstones of any successful and sustainable small business.

  • Your Website, SEO Ranking, Lead Conversion
  • Your Social Media Presence Online
  • Email & Marketing Campaigns Targeting Business Goals
  • Newsletters, Mailing Lists, Blog Articles

Answers to Your Questions

Do you film any video?  I have heard video is going to become more and more important online?

We have very limited resources to record video however we do have a relationship with a media marketing company who can provide industry professional video services.

How long does it take to develop a Digital Marketing Plan?

It depends on an incredible number of factors but a ball park timeline is 3-4 weeks.  It would be executed over months, however.  A sound Digital Marketing Plan runs for atleast 6 months to one year with milestones, tests and measuring, quality control, feedback systems for continuous improvement, etc.

Why do I need a Digital Marketing Plan?

If you are going to rank and retain market share, penetrating in to social media, as well as keeping email lists and having a website are all crucial as digital disruption for local business particularly continues to change life outside in the real world (your bricks and mortar business) and inside the digital business space as well.  Social media platforms can come and go; a mailing list means you ALWAYS have customer contact details to reach out to your customer base in ever changing ways as you adapt to ever changing online cultures.

How much do you charge to create a Digital Marketing Plan?

As a small to medium business, there are usually unique requirements around the promotion of your products and services.  We would meet with you and create an obligation free quote accordingly within your budget and scope,.  If we build you a website or renovate an existing one we would have quite a lot of business knowledge about your niche market and customer avatars hence a Digital Marketing Plan would be easier and quicker to devise and create.

What kind of things are included in a Digital Marketing Plan?

First and foremost would be statements of alignment with your core mission and target markets and Business Plan.

Branding and any market presence already established would need to be considered before we formulate any approach.

We would look at your business goals and align your website, your social media accounts and posts, your email campaigns and further build and grow priceless mailing lists of target market customers.

There would be statements of marketing goals, what platforms we would use to target and achieve them.

There would be a step by step Project Plan and Scope of Works to achieve those goals, including timelines and continuous improvement via ongoing data analysis, testing and measuring, observation, experimentation and the measure of any outcomes achieved over the course of the Digital Marketing Plan’s lifespan.

We would also have milestone goals where we regather, analyse and recalibrate the Plan to ensure the goals are met at the end of the Marketing Plan cycle being executed.

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