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  • The right customers find you

  • The right customers share about you

  • Your business grows

  • People find you all the time and you rank at the top of Google all the time

  • Your business grows
  • You make more money
  • You feel happy 🙂

Best SEO Services Parramatta

Did you know that less than half of Australian businesses do not have a website?  Those that do who have not kept up with technology and have older websites are missing out with very little SEO performed on their website.  Most do not have a clickable phone number or email to make it simple to contact the business on a mobile.  Google has a ‘mobile first’ ranking algorithm now; this means if your site is not mobile friendly, you lose the Google Game. No SEO on your website is literally the act of leaving money on the table.  Renovating a website is not just design, it is on and off page SEO to make the website relevant and discoverable by customers and crucially to rank in the first results your customer types in to search for a business like you to solve their problems.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Once we know your business, your products & your team, we will set about to research your industry, your competitors, and find all the information and target keywords (semantic keywords) to weave in to your website and rank you.

What you need is for people click on the link to your website, trust you because Google says you are a market leader (you appear first) and contact you for your products & services, This means that they’re choosing you over the millions of businesses in the industry to which you belong. And in your local area.

This is what SEO optimisation of a website achieves.

Content Optimization

By working closely with you, we rewrite your business information so it is easily understood, read and assimilated by web searchers (potential customers). Web searchers are your prospective clients, your next perfect customer.

Your website needs to be legible, readable, relatable, engaging and answer their questions and solve the problem or problems they need solving.  They need to understand what you offer so they choose YOU.  They need to read words that speak to them in the way they would like to be spoken to; so they feel you understand.

We write effective copy that people understand.  We make sure they get it.

On Page Optimization

We use every resource we know of (and those we learn that are new) both on page and off page (that is external links, or backlinks as they are called where other sites link back to you.  They are important too).

We also make sure your website is optimised for mobile viewing.  Nearly 75{c72fc60ac356306a3957f596036e82cd81fd42873f3535a7a370832a22b3c102} of your clients find you and surf your website on a mobile these days.

Another thing we do is make sure images are smaller, without compromising quality and that pages load fast.  A sensible website structure so people can navigate is also high on our checklist to rank you.

SEO Consulting

We have been involved in business and marketing for over 21 years.  We can help you develop a sound marketing plan that includes both your website, online social media and plan for your business in the physical world, ensuring your brand is sound and cohesive and uniform so everyone recognises and identifies with you no matter where they find or experience you.

Social media campaigns are great for driving traffic to your website, branding your identity and raising awareness of your business.

Data Analysis

Once we have created a website for you, or renovated a website, we use Google Analytics and other tools to assess hot spots on your website which we develop upon, using traffic statistics, etc to continuously improve your website rank.

We test and measure changes on your website (Google LOVES websites tended lovingly like gardens over time).  We keep innovating and improving your website and its rank, and most importantly act responsibly to maintain your rank in Google.

SEO Strategy

It goes without saying; your website needs to look good, appear contemporary.  But just as important, if not more important, it needs to be user friendly.

Your contact phone number needs to be CLICKABLE FOR A MOBILE so people can immediately call you.  Emails need to be clickable too; people touch your email; it opens email on their phone and they can get in touch with you straight away.

We see so many websites that don’t do this, amongst so many other things.  It is CRAZY they don’t.

Google now favours a mobile website over a desktop one.  If your website is not ‘responsive’ (that is friendly to mobiles) you will lose ranking fast.  Or not even rank.

We make that never happens.

Local SEO for Small Business Is What We Do

SEO is at the crux of your small business website performing on the internet.  Beautiful and engaging design is great.

But if the website just sits there and does not get found your thousands of dollars are wasted.

Did you know nearly half of Australian business do not have a website?

They are seriously missing out.  And as technology grows and becomes more prevalent, particularly with digital disruption, it is becoming more and more important to have a web presence.  Particularly, it is crucial to have a website.

SEO is not just a few words added on a web page.  SEO is a vital component of your website and your digital marketing plan.  As SEO specialists, we work with you, and educate you, about SEO.  We work together to improve and innovate with your website and with your whole business, large or small. 

We love working with small businesses local to us.

We love supporting them to win more customers, to uplift their businesses and to increase their profits.

We love it when our customers are delighted with their results.  Because, results in the real world equate to business success. 

Results equate to revenue and to profit. A good website means winning customers, and if everything in your business is wholistic and aligned, retaining those customers for repeat business when they are local to you.  Everyone wins.  You win.

The Components of SEO for Small Businesses in Parramatta

SEO – high level definition, keywords, website structure, image optimisation, backlinks, heading titles including their length and content, relevant content to your business, original content.

Links – off page SEO – backlinks.  These are websites that link back to you.  Like a Facebook page, a directory you are listed in, an industry body, a blog that follows your posts and so forth.

Optimise Pages – page structure, website structure, image optimisation, page layout, heading lengths, copywriting, meaningful and relevant information for people searching for information.

Keywords – these are the keywords that relate to your business that people are typing in to find you.  They are said to have a ‘bid’ value – if you had to pay for each click of a keyword you want to rank for that is the amount you would pay per click when someone clicks on your ad.  “Semantic keywords” are keywords that return meaningful results, websites that are exactly what you are looking for.  These websites answer your questions, solve your problems.

The Way We Do SEO for Small Business Clients

Our Best SEO Services

The SEO Effect

We have effect and best practice organic ranking services for Google.  SEO is always changing.  We are constantly learning and investigating to keep at the leading edge of SEO practices and the use of keywords and semantic keywords and phrases achieving the best ranking results on Google possible.  We set out with one primary goal: to have you Page 1 of Google, Rank 1 if possible.

Organic SEO Ranking with Sydney Web Designing

We are not a digital marketing agency achieving our results by paying for traffic, paying for backlinks, etc.  Did you know that the Google AI (google intelligent ‘robots’) KNOW when you try and ‘trick’ Google.   The penalties are harsh and they cost.  Getting blacklisted by Google is something you never want to have happen.  It can take literally up to a year to recover from a blacklisting.  We don’t let it happen.

SEO Keyword, Competitor And Market Research

We are passionate and dedicated to our market research.  We perform competitor analysis and thoroughly evaluate your business needs and USPs (Unique Selling Points).

  • We won’t overwhelm you with technobabble.  We explain everything in clear and understandable ways.
  • We have transparent, practices,.  This means we hold ourselves accountable to you through reporting, email updates, phone calls, milestone meetings. 
  • Just like the way we write on the internet, we explain everything to you in plain and understandable language.
  • We make sure you are comfortable and happy and most importantly confident with our comprehensive marketing plans.  We test and measure all SEO created for you over time.
  • It usually takes between 3-6 months for organic SEO ranking in Google, that is, ranking that is not paid for via ads, etc.  It can happen faster, of course, depending on your competition, industry, pre-existing backlinks, traffic flow, etc.


What Is SEO About?

It’s not just about keywords, this thing they call SEO.  It is about your whole website and who links to it.

  • how easy the website is to use and navigate
  • how easy the information is found and understood
  • how fast the web pages and images load
  • how directly and how well it answers the questions or solves the problems of the person visiting the website (your potential customers)
  • and if it is mobile friend – ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in this day and age (over 78{c72fc60ac356306a3957f596036e82cd81fd42873f3535a7a370832a22b3c102} of people look at a website on a mobile these days)

Answering questions and solving problems on your website could be one of the most crucial value-adding qualities of your business website when potential customers read your copy.  If they relate to you and understand you they will begin to trust you and there is a better change they will take the risk to try and buy what you offer.


What Google Wants

Google as a search engine wants to be Number 1.  To be Number 1 Google needs to recommend websites that are meaningful and absolutely relevant to those who search for information and find them.  If you get this, you know how to make Google happy.  We get Google.

What Makes A Good Quality Website?

You provide a website of quality in every way and you will always rank well and highly and continue to rank.  You work on and evolve your website just like you work on and evolve your business.  It is a garden lovingly tended over time that flowers, blooms and fruits.  Google loves well-tended and loved websites.

So what makes a website good?  Easy navigation, mobile friendly, good copyrighting, fast loading images and pages, strong irresistible offers, contact information that allows someone to reach you by phone or email easily without a copy and paste (which no one ever really will do).  A good website is a great many things.  We love ticking the boxes as we work closely with you to make your website GREAT.


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Answers to Your

SEO Services for Local Businesses Questions

What is an SEO expert?

A specialist who knows what Google requires to have a website rank highly in search results and who understand all the different components of keyword research, content writing, image optimisation, page structure, website structure, backlinks, etc.

How long does it take to rank a website?

It depends on how competitive your business is and what industry it belongs to.  We have ranked websites in a week and others it has take 3-6 months as the business genre is highly competitive and sought after, saturated with Google Ads, etc.

Does my rank stay the same once I am page 1 on Google?

No.  We need to work on your website on an ongoing basis to improve and innovate it, fine-tune the keywords used, etc.  We need to monitor the website with Google Analytics and use all the data we gather to continuously improve your site.

How much does ongoing SEO cost?

Businesses are paying between $500-$20000 per month for SEO.  These are large companies.  Our SEO services start at $350 per month, depending on the business needs of the client and the quality of the website.  Websites we renovate that already have good backlinks, etc can often need less time spent on maintaining their rank.  However, it is the Google Analytics, website traffic, etc that determines how much time we need to spend on a website.  As a team we will test, measure and monitor results and make decisions accordingly which we can then quote for.

I have had people do SEO for me before.  It never worked.  What makes you any different?

We HAVE ranked websites page 1 of Google.  We have done it.  We know how to do it and how to retain ranking.  We understand what is required and we keep up to date on latest SEO trends and changes.  We also keep up with the constant changes Google makes to its ever-evolving technology.  We are accountable, provide reports.  We can provide referees if you feel you would like to speak to our clients for peace of mind before you engage us.

Let's Work Together and Rank you Page 1 on Google!

Well you have seen what we do.  Let’s meet and see how we can do it for you!

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