Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Promotion for Small to Medium Businesses in Parramatta and Sydney’s West.

Social Media Promotion for Your Small to Medium Business in Parramatta & Surrounds

We focus mainly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter but can also create social campaigns for Pinterest, Snapchat and other digital & social platforms.  It depends on your customer avatars and what we are trying to accomplish with the social media campaign which platforms we saturate and go after in marketing.

Building a Campaign

We usually run a social media campagin for a specific marketing purpose.  Possibly for brand awareness, or to promote a certain product or to have a call to action answered.  We tailor campaigns to your needs and budget.

Writing Social Media Content

All our Social Media content copy is written with customer avatars in mind and SEO value keywords and semantic keywords for your target market, your niche market and for local SEO ranking.

Social Media Research

We will determine the best hashtags, times of day, frequency of posts, Facebook Ads (if needed), competitor posts, market niche information, etc to further target and refine our campaign to hit the bulls eye with our targeted customer avatars/groups.

Ideas, Creativity & Innovation

Our campagins might not be run of the mill.  They may be outside your comfort zone in some respects.  There is an element of trust involved when we first work with you as we test and measure our ideas.  Of course, we track and monitor posts, look at frequency, split test and measure, etc, for accountability & performance tracking.

Social Media Data Analysis

As mentioned previously, we monitor all of our posts and campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness over time.  We look at response rates, shares, engagement, sales increases, engagement, feedback & website traffic resulting from campaigns and widen our tracking with any related sales that may occur from campaigns, etc.

Ongoing Social Media Campaigns

Sometimes one campaign is not enough.  A single splash in the ocean can create ripples, but not a wave.  Once we have proven our strategies through successful responses and have a track record with you, we would devise further campaigns to engage and grow your online presence and build social trust in your specific brand and market niche locally.

Our Focus with Social Media

Your customer avatars and target markets and what we are trying to accomplish with a campaign determine the resources and marketing strategies we use.

We use integrated marketing strategies throughout all platforms for branding & customer avatar targeting.

  • Custom Graphic Design & Photography
  • Content Writing with SEO practices
  • #TargetedHashtags
  • Avatar Targeted Content

Answers to Your Questions

What kind of Social Media Campaigns can you offer?

We can target just one platform but usually social media is best used in multiple places to build social trust.  Many customers inhabit different social media platforms.  If you have more than one avatar you need more than one social media platform for promotion in some cases.  It depends which platforms your type of customer uses as to where we target social media posts.

We can also tie-in email campaigns with some kind of ‘too good to be true’ offer, a honey pot to get them to sign up to a newsletter and then be funneled through to a landing page where they can get a coupon, voucher, fill in details for an offer, etc.

How long would a campaign run for?

One to three months, depending on what we want to accomplish with the promotion.

Would the Social Media marketing be separate to my website promotion?

It would be one of our primary goals to get social media shares for your products and services but also have customers answer Calls To Action (CTAs) to visit the site and do something while they are there, like join a mailing list, leave comments, buy something, read something, share something, etc.

How much would a Social Media campaign cost?

As a small to medium business, there are usually unique requirements around the promotion of your products and services.  We would meet with you and give you an obligation free quote, accordingly within your budget and scope.

I need a large campaign run, can you do it?

In this instance we have larger sized partners we work in conjunction with.  This translates to Sydney Web Designing having enormous capability to market you with a significant campaign.

Let's Work Together!

Click here to send us a request for a quote or just a message if you want to know more, meet us, get an idea of custom packages, etc.  We may have pricing packages on the site but can tailor a website to the needs of every business.

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