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Website Design, Development & Renovation by a New Local Business in Parramatta & Sydney West.  Market niche specific content writing for local businesses, keyword and semantic keyword SEO optimised websites that perform and rank page 1 on Google and convert leads to sales for small and medium business in Parramatta and surrounds of Western Sydney.

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The internet is just growing and growing.

Having a web presence is like having an online brochure, a marketing machine, a lead generator, a conversational tool that speaks to people 24 hours a day and educates them about your products and services day and night.

If the content is written properly it also engages, motivates and calls potential customers to action so they convert from leads to actively engaged buyers using your services, paying you.

Whatever the market niche and genre we can rank you and get you found and get you customers and make your website rank.

Restructuring Your Website

  • Often a web renovation involves a restructuring of your website to be optimised for Google indexing and to make it even easier to use and for customers to find information or order fast.
  • New websites have the same need.  They need their structure to favour the qualities  Google expects in a ‘good’ or ‘valuable’ website to its customers.
  • Things we would optimise would be page nesting under menus, content layout, adding stock images, infographics that further visually explain the messages and information on each page.

Content Writing

  • It is essential that content is written in a way that people understand, using simple, effective and clear, plain language.  The writing needs headings to make information packets digestible and read quickly and most importantly UNDERSTOOD.
  • As we write we embed market niche semantic keywords throughout the website copy, as well as our other SEO resources.
  • An excellent way to go after a very competitive keyword area is to write Blog Articles targeting each keyword as a subject area.
  • This is one of our specialties.

Competitor & Directory Research

  • Part of SEO and market research is to evaluate your competition, especially your local competition.
  • What SEO are your competitors targeting, or not targeting? How do they present in the industry/subject area that relates directly to you?  We find out.
  • We compile semantic keywords to also weave in to your web copy helping you achieve a stronger position to rank above your competitors over time (organic ranking).
  • We also ensure your website has industry relevant backlinks from directories in your industry/subject area.

Innovating Your Business Presence Online

  • While we build and learn about your niche, we will also innovate different systems and put forward ideas to improve client engagement with your content, your prodcuts and your services.
  • An example is a florist site we renovated recently.
    • We added a ‘get flowers fast’ range of products at the top of the splash page which instantly began to convert sales.
    • People are in a hurry; it solved a problem and they were delighted an expert florist was creating something beautiful for their loved one on behalf of them, taking care of everything.  Fast.

Analysing Business Data

  • Reviewing your business data is another important component of creating websites, new websites or renovating old ones.
  • Customer data your business owns allows us to support the build of ‘avatars’ (as well as your own business knowledge) to write copy to certain archetypes or psychological profiles of customers. This is a crucial component of using business data.
  • An older website may have Google Analytics we can use to see hot spots to grow and develop and then of course the opposite, i.e., cold spots where the website was underperforming.  From these viewpoints we would design a remedy for weaker areas of your previous build and turn this weakness in to a new strength.

Optimising Images

  • Having good quality images on a website makes it pop and stand out.  Images give visual contrast and also deeper meaning.  They are an engaging tool.
  • There is a great opportunity to use images for SEO.
  • Optimising them without drastically losing quality (shrinking their size), using alternative titles and even the naming of the files all count towards your Google ranking.
  • Unoptimised images are often the major cause of poor ranking when they have not been reduced through image manipulation in Photoshop or another industry software.  Your website will load too slowly with big images.
  • There are very specific ways you must name all the aspects of each image in a website.  We know all these protocols well.  We know how to SEO images.

Ranking Local Websites

  • We have created and renovated websites for businesses in their local area and local market niche.
  • We know the approach this kind of build and strategy needs to be effective in the local online marketplace.
  • Things are done just a little differently, and they all add up to a highly performing website.
  • We would love to show you what we can achieve and do together.
  • We would love to work with you!

Reporting Analytics Data Over Time

Ongoing Analysis is performed alongside SEO maintenance on your website when you work with us.

We report monthly on your traffic, your hotspots, flag opportunities, devise marketing campaigns, suggest improvements to products and services, etc, from all data collected.  And we innovate, improve and grow your website.

This is how we grow your ranking, popularity and effectiveness online.

Not only is SEO important during a website build or renovation, it is equally important as time goes on.

SEO recalibration on a website really needs to be performed constantly.

We have monthly packages priced for your different business or subject area needs.

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Answers to Your Questions About Our Website Design Services

What kind of website will you build me?

The answer depends on your market niche, how it will look, the content, both written and visual.  One thing is certain, it will be optimised to load well on a desktop, a tablet and most importantly, a mobile.  Google have changed their algorithms to favour mobile friendly websites in ranking scales.

You can view some examples of our work here.

Do we need to be involved in the website build or renovation during the process?

We cannot build the best website possible without working closely with you, the expert of your business.  We need your knowledge, your expertise, your experience, your ideas and your direction regarding how your want your wesbsite to look.  We need to determine the goal of the site and then create SEO around achieving that goal over time.

Ok, so what do you need from me?

We would need any marketing material you have, quality digital versions of your logo, stock photography specific to you (we have a professional photography service if you need new and contemporary ones).  We especially need information and any copy you have originally from any marketing material from you so we can understand how you have previously been marketed.  You may have an existing website but we will probably need more than what is there currently.

What kind of stock images do you need to build the best performing site for us?

Hi resolution, clear and relevant images about your business, your team, your products or your services (that is images of people using or accessing them, etc).  These high quality images would need to be Hi Res JPEGS, TIFFS or PNGs or even Photoshop .PSD files.

We also need all your graphic design artwork, logo, etc.  These are known as vector images.  We would need the Adobe Illustrator (.ai files), or your files as .eps or .png formats.  You can deliver them via the cloud (OneDrive or Google Drive) or on a USB, whichever you choose.

What about web hosting and email?

We can host your website and provide email accounts for you.  However it is desirable that you own your domain URL, pay for your own hosting and email hosting in our opinion as legally it means you own all the digital data and there are no messy grey areas of data ownership (we have heard and been involved in resolving some horror stories when it comes to buying hosting off a developer who has an account with a larger company and suddenly they disappear (client abandonment is the term).

Your website is a crucial value asset when selling a business down the track.  You need to own everything.  A website can add 20{c72fc60ac356306a3957f596036e82cd81fd42873f3535a7a370832a22b3c102}-30{c72fc60ac356306a3957f596036e82cd81fd42873f3535a7a370832a22b3c102} or more to the valuation of a business.

What guarantees will we have engaging your services?

Our guarantees, assurances and protections are all pre-agreed in a Development Proposal Document we both read, sign and file so each party is crystal clear on deliverables, timelines, scope of works, in and out of scope requests after contract sign, etc.  This covers off and manages expectations for variations to work, etc.   We are also insured as a Business, legally registered, etc.

Of course, while we build there will be requests for changes and any reasonable changes will be performed without incurring extra charges. 

Where requests generate significant new workloads or are significant variations to agreements in the Development Proposal Document we would have to quote and charge new amounts accordingly.  Again, both parties agreeing to the above in a revised Development Proposal Document. 

We always have a Developmet Proposal Document for all the services we provide: when we build a website, provide SEO services, take professional photos or create graphic design assets for you.

You would also sign a Letter of Engagement agreeing to works to be charged for.  Documents like these protect both businesses and  ensure things are clear before we commence work and everyone is on the same page.

New Website or Web Renovation Pricing Plan

Off the shelf New Website or Website Renovation Packages for small, medium and large websites of local businesses in Parramatta and Sydney West areas.

Ongoing Website Maintenance Plan

Off the shelf Website Maintenance Packages for small, medium and large websites of local businesses in Parramatta and Sydney West areas.

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